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Post  Jukaar on Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:52 am

Yes I am the Original Jedi ... I am that old. Heres the story:

When I was a kid (back when the dinosaurs roamed) all of the kids in our neighborhood had nicknames. We used our initials to form our nicnames and my Initials are J D I . So I became Jedi, and since this was pre-1977 when the original Star Wars Movies came out .... I am The ORIGINAL Jedi. In Wow my username was Jedi53 (the 53 comes from my jersey # in football). People always tried to joke in chat with "may the force be with you " "I am your father" crap like that , then I would tell them that #1 I was the original Jedi and #2 It had nothing to do with Star Wars. I still think I may be suing George Lucas over the rights to the Jedi name... LOL

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