Guild bank.... what to craft/stock

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Guild bank.... what to craft/stock Empty Guild bank.... what to craft/stock

Post  fynic on Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:08 pm

Just wondering....
I got to look at the video for the upcoming (alledgedly april) release of 1.2 and the possibility of the creation of a guild bank.
I am assuming that we would be able to store/distribute various goods. I craft armstech now and plan on creating another toon of undetermined skill....

So what crafting do you think will be in most need? Is there a crafting that is neglected that maybe I should consider?
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Guild bank.... what to craft/stock Empty Re: Guild bank.... what to craft/stock

Post  Evander on Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:31 pm

Each separate clan will have a (Chief Crew Skill) that will be assigned by the clan commanders. If you are the clan Chief Cybertech for example, all of the clan members will send you their Cybertech recipes and materials. As Chief you will be responsible for discovering all of the Artifact (Purple) Quality Schematics that your clan will need to gear the new level 50's as well as help gear the lowbies as they level. You wont have to work to hard for your materials since your entire clan will be sending you supplies. Just let the clan know what materials you will need to get the ball rolling. We set it up this way to allow for the bulk of the active guild to have Biochem, thus increasing the Op/Groups survive-ability by a large margin, which will allow for higher success in undergeared operations and hardmode flashpoints. If you have any question about the Crew Skill system or would like to be the Chief Crew Skill for your clan, just contact your clan commander so they can assign it to you. Good hunting folks!


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